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Exhibition at AV Centrum, Farum
Art and music - "the same passion" said the chief editor Mikkel Gige from -
here with Dora Diego at the opening of the exhibition on the 28th of October 2007

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Mikkel has got his hand on the "Xavian XN 360" speaker. Best buy at DKK 49.000 and reviewed on as being "Editors choice" - Link

The speaker right behind Mikkel costs only DKK 180.000 !!!

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Dora's works are from the series "My Icelantic Roots" - see more here: Link

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AV Centrum in Farum is the place to visit if you really want hi-fi sound for your money: Link

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Dora's favorite speaker is the "Xavian Giulietta" - Link - backed by a 1000 Watt B&W sub woofer.

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Some of the listeners. The owners of AV Centrum are standing no 2 and 4 from left, and they have
all the time in the world to assist you in finding the best choice for your money...!
And, by the way - they are skilled technicians as well - and thus they know "what's inside".