Dora Diego

Back in Iceland
It's cool to go travelling
But oh so nice to be back home again

The house I like - just 100 meters from the center of Reykavik

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Yes - we do have trees in Iceland

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Hallgrim's Church in Reykavik
The tower is 73 meters high. See more - Link

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The harbour - some say these boats are whale hunters..!

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Sonja's Kristjan Sig and my photographer Hugo Hein went for a ride into the open landscapes..

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Down on the plane is the "Nesjavellir" power plant. Geothermal heat is the issue here.

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The plant provides all the heat and electricity to Reykavik - almost for free...

Let's move on to the Thingvalla Lake

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Oh yes - You might also find a summer house in Iceland

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Iceland is located right on the Mid-Atlantic ridge.
You can see the two teutonic mantel earth plates - right here:

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One step backwards takes you right "down to earth"

Thingvalla Plain - the place of independence when Iceland separated from Denmark in 1944

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Thingvalla Plain is Iceland's most sacred place.
One of the world's oldest parlements - the ancient meeting place for the viking chiefs

Here is another location - Borgarnes, 75 km north of Reykavik

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The snow cladded mountains are approx 7000 feet high

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