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New Years evening 2006
Same procedure as last year - a beautiful evening...
The Queen had her say - and I dit it my way...

new.year 006.jpg (73742 bytes)

new.year 010.jpg (104216 bytes)

O.M.G. -time to launch some rockets

This is what they look like when seen by the camera...

rockets 004.karen.boys.jpg (45348 bytes)

Title: "A rocket's tale"

Traces of a bomb titled "Peace on Earth"

rockets (113020 bytes)

Exposure time was 5 sec. on ISO 1000

It's now 2'007 and we wish everybody a happy new year...

new.year 026.hh.jpg (85490 bytes)

Cheers og "Godt Ny'tår" fra Webmaster

All indoor pics shot with Nikon D70 at 1000 ISO and 1/20 sec.