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Christmas evening 2006
We let the tree fly in a string from the ceiling
it leaves more room for presents and other things...
Scroll down and see for yourself..!

All pics shot with Nikon D70 at 1000 ISO and 1/20 sec.

jule.trea.jpg (93349 bytes)

Getting late now - I'm the cook for the night..

x-mas.2006 008.jpg (88624 bytes)

Quite a lot of presents.
They will have to wait till after dinner

x-mas.2006 009.jpg (99643 bytes)

Two hours later - time for a x-mas kiss

x-mas.2006 013.edit.jpg (134441 bytes)


x-mas.2006 015.jpg (143802 bytes)



My webmaster might get a present or two...

hh.1.jpg (142974 bytes)


Flying the tree from the ceiling in a string also leaves room for the x-mas dog "Duncan" (141749 bytes)