Dora Diego

X-mas 2007

Arna Diego visiting Dora Diego & Hugo Hein

Let's begin with the X-mas sunset

sunset.december.jpg (93709 bytes)

A short day - but there is light ahead...

And the tree is ready

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So are the Trolls from Iceland: Grıla, Leppalúği and one of their 13 Yuletide lads, Gáttaşefur (Door Sniffer)

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Nissernes Vagtparade from Denmark - Oooh yes

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Arna & Dora Diego from Iceland

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Lamb -also from Iceland - cheers

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Dora's daughter Arna is fixing the frame on her X-mas present.
Look here how she sees us:

buster,aristocat.600.jpg (62988 bytes)

Might be "Buster" and one of the "rather foxy" AristoCats...

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Cheers Buster

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Gave my Nikon D70 a new "Sigma" 10-20 mm lens - quite a spread..!

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Arna decorated the tree

Svanhildur Diego from Iceland sent us a magic light
Click on the picture and see how it changes the colours..!

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