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Close up on "Below and beyond"


Strongly inspired by my Icelandic origin I am often drawn to wondering about and experimenting with surfaces and borders. Borders between the world as we believe we know it and other worlds or levels of existence we cannot see or feel in the same way as we register our visible or audible surroundings.

How come some people see elves and others don’t? Where are they if I can’t see them? Beyond what?   Why can’t I see them?

What lies under the surface of the glacier?  In some cases it’s a volcano. 
Who would have guessed – until the hot lava found its way to the surface (after days of flooding the glacial rivers with melted ice).

Where is abroad (“Udlandet” in Danish)?  Beyond what border? Am I living abroad now – since I was born in Iceland and am now living in Denmark?  

Some things can be explained – some can’t – or at least not in a way that
I can understand. The borderlines and surfaces are unclear to me, and so they
are also in “Below and Beyond”.  

Set your thoughts free and allow your senses to explore what lies Below and Beyond. 

Enjoy the ride!